proactive energy contract management will save you money

Many companies, institutions and individuals do not check and change their electricity and gas contracts on a regular basis.  

There are over 75m electricity and gas contracts in the UK alone and a lot of customers do not proactively shop around every year costing them up to 15% more.  

Domestic Customers

There are just over 48 million domestic energy supplies in the UK (21m Gas and 27m Electricity). Most households are still using one of the big six suppliers.

Our approach is different. We work with the smaller energy customers and create "energy baskets". By combining our energy spend together we will get a much better deal.

at the moment we have partnered with Good Energy to offer our customers ethical, green and competitively priced electricity and gas.

Commercial Customers

For larger scale energy users its important to actively manage your energy portfolio. There are a range of different types of contracts and value add services that can be offered including:

  • Basket Contracts
  • Flexible contracts
  • Bill validation
  • Portfolio Management

We work in partnership with Pulse Business Energy to provide a high level of bespoke service for commercial energy contracts.