how much energy do you waste?

Its a difficult question to answer isn't it.  For example the simplest way to save energy in the home or work is to:

  1.  Turn down the heating by 2degC and put on a jumper
  2. The air conditioning does not need to be set at 19degC
  3. Turn off lights when not in rooms or if it is a bright day
  4. Don't leave all of your devices on standby
  5. Stick to the speed limit when driving

At Bright Spark we believe that getting the statements above embedded into the way your organisation thinks is a great starting point and will help to start to save money.  Following on from this we audit and investigate your physical environment -  be it a home, factory, office, school, church of coffee shop.  

Once the auditing process is completed our team then will work with you to help create a more efficient living, working or worshipping environment that is more comfortable, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.


A more efficient living or working space

In the UK the majority of our homes and offices tend to be inefficient.  A lot of the housing stock is pre 1940's or poorly constructed in the 1960's/ 70's and suffers from heat loss.  

We can help you create a more efficient home or work environment by:

  • Insulation / internal and external cladding / reducing air loss
  • New doors / windows 
  • Replacement roofs with additional insulation

Are your lights as good a quality and efficient as they could be

Moving to LED lighting delivers real improvements in learning, working and living environments as well as financial savings.  In summary you should consider changing to LED for the following reasons:

  • Much better lit environments increasing productivity and concentration

  • Up to an 80% reduction in operational expenditure (including maintenance and electricity usage).
  • Reduction in heat output vs incandescent lighting reducing building cooling requirements
  • Significantly longer life than traditional lighting

Is you heating system only set to go on twice a day?

It is important that we control the environments that we live, work and learn in.  After lighting, heating and hot water are the biggest costs to running buildings.

Many heating and hot water systems are set to go on twice a day and push water through systems without any controls.  At Bright Spark we work with customers to create more intelligent heating systems that allow you to zone buildings and use heating and hot water on demand. 

From initial trials we have created better managed and more comfortable environments and reduced energy costs.  

Data Centre.jpg

How many computers in your organisation are left on standby overnight?

Many of our customers have inefficient IT systems installed within their buildings. In your School or Business how many projectors, devices or switch ports are left on standby 24/7? Many IT professionals also leave Air Conditioning on its lowest setting rather than power manage servers and switches.
We work with a range of national IT providers that help our customers improve the efficiency of their IT systems and in some cases move to a more "Cloud Computing" model.