Project Funding with no upfront capital cost

In a lot of energy efficiency or renewable projects the biggest barrier to completing the project is the capital cost needed up front. At Bright Spark we work with a number of different ethical funding partners and have access to and created Social Enterprise Funding Models for our projects that meet the criteria.

All of projects we facilitate funding for also benefit with our teams providing verification and validation services to ensure that the customer gets what was sold.

Social funding models

Photo by anyaivanova/iStock / Getty Images

Education Social Enterprise Funding

Bright Spark supports a number of education based social enterprise funds. These funds will invest in projects that further the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children.

Bright Spark is working on over 100 Schools and Academies to access:

  • 13 Year Operating Rental for Solar PV and LED Projects
  • 10 + 10 Year Operating Rentals for Biomass and Heat Pump Projects

We can also tailor funding models for specific projects such as Eco Pod classrooms, boiler and heating system replacement.

Photo by KonstantinGushcha/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by KonstantinGushcha/iStock / Getty Images

Child Fuel Poverty Fund

As part of our expansion in 2017 we are focusing on trying to alleviate Child Fuel Poverty in the UK specifically in the Social Housing Sector.

In order to support this we have been working with a group of funders to setup an investment fund for Solar, LED, Biomass, ASHPs and other technologies with preferential rates.

The Fund is designed to support:

  • Housing Associations
  • Charities that support a positive impact on child fuel poverty
  • Local Authorities

Community Project Energy Fund

The Community Project Fund has been designed to allow access to investment for community groups, care homes, charities and other organisations that want to benefit from becoming more efficient but lack the capital funding they need.

Our funding partners have committed to provide preferential funding rates on a wide range of different renewable and efficiency technologies.