Are your lights as good a quality and efficient as they could be?

Moving to LED lighting delivers real improvements in learning, working and living environments as well as financial savings. In summary you should consider changing to LED for the following reasons:

  • Much better lit environments increasing productivity and concentration
  • Up to an 80% reduction in operational expenditure (including maintenance and electricity usage).
  • Reduction in heat output vs incandescent lighting reducing building cooling requirements
  • Significantly longer life than traditional lighting


On top of the benefit of improving your teaching, living or working environment. Swapping your existing lighting for LED has the following advantages:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durability
  • Long Life
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Improved work quality
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Instant Light, No Flicker
  • Reduced Heat and UV
  • No Disposal Costs

Return on Investment by Good Design

We invest significant time and money in understanding how our customers use lighting within their buildings. For example with Schools we focus on improving the lighting quality to meet and exceed CIBSE standards for classrooms, sports halls and other specialist areas. We can also include lighting controls, emergency lighting and external lighting.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 16.51.00.png
Screenshot 2017-04-24 16.51.20.png
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End to End LED Project Delivery

Planning to change every light across your buildings can be a daunting prospect.  This is what we do and at Bright Spark we have a tried and tested project methodology that supports our customers through the journey in a collaborative way.  We have designed implemented a process that supports our customers on this journey in a collaborative way.  

At Bright Spark we are unique in the market by being one of the few companies that not only project manages but also designs, installs, funds and maintains LED lighting for commercial and public sector customers.  This gives us the knowledge and experience to deliver the right LED solution for you. 

We have an internal team including:

  • Designers

  • Project Managers

  • Installation Electricians

  • Maintenance and Support Desk

Best Value by Investing in Quality

Upgrading to LED has the opportunity to save you a considerable amount of money but you need to invest in high quality luminaires from reputable companies that will back their products with long term warranties. In most cases deals that seem too good to be true normally are.

We have spent over a year selecting the best manufacturers to work with including: