One of our clients has a large victorian terraced property in South West London.  The house had a traditional boiler and megaflop system with standard radiators and TRV valves.  The temperature control was in the hallway.

We were called in to help with the inconsistent temperatures across the home.  There was a spread of temperatures across the house was high with a maximum of 4 deg C difference from the hallway to the fourth floor bedrooms.  

Some of the westward facing bedrooms were also suffering from solar gain in the evenings and increasing the temperature to the high twenties in July 2015.  In order to help regulate the heat throughout the house Bright Spark :

  • Installed Pursol HRF 40 Heat Rejection Film on all west and south facing windows
  • Installed the Honeywell Evohome Zoned Wireless Heating system including:
    • Touch screen control centre with 12 individual heating zones
    • Underfloor heating controller in the kitchen
    • 15 wireless HR92 Radiator TRVs
    • Hot Water Kit
    • Configuration and Radiator Upgrades
Honeywell Evohome Controller with Room Setup

Honeywell Evohome Controller with Room Setup


The installation of the UV reduction film has been a success - during the recent hot period in July 2016 the rooms stayed at a much lower temperature (tested with a laser thermometer).  

The Honeywell system has had a significant impact on the heating requirements, heating rooms on demand rather than pushing hot water constantly up four storeys.  The rooms are heated when occupied and then put in "standby mode" (great for guest bedrooms when not in use).  Family rooms are heated during the day when the young children are at home etc. 

As a by product the installation of the new system has generated significant savings on gas usage as well reducing the annual bill for the last 12 months by just over £300 (25%).  By intelligently controlling the heat and hot water we have created a much more efficient system.

The guys at Bright Spark recommended the Evohome system and after a bit of tinkering with the zoning the system is excellent. We have a much more comfortable home environment with room by room temperature control at a fraction of the cost of replacing the heating system. An added benefit is that we have reduced our gas bill as well helping fund the upgrade.
— Tom, Homeowner