Martlesham Primary Academy converted to Academy status on the 1st April 2016 joining REAch2 Academy Trust.  At the time of conversion the previous energy provider supplying the local authority removed Martlesham from their energy baskets and the gas and electricity suppliers put the Academy on "Out of Contract Rates" and did not inform the School management team.

Being put on "Out of Contract" Rates mean't that the Academy was paying nearly double the cost for gas and electricity for a period of 4 months.  

  • Gas rose from 2.2p/kWh to 4.62 p/kWh per unit with standing charges rising from 0.98p to 2.68p per day from Total Gas & Power.
  • Electricity costs rose from 11p/kWh to 23p/kwh per unit with standing charges rising from £3 per month to £ 23.70 from nPower. 

Remaining on the Out of Contract Rates  would have meant the cost of electricity and gas would have doubled over the next 12 months.  

Jon, our energy contracts expert, worked with both nPower and Total Gas & Power to help reduce the financial impact on the Academy.  As a result we have managed to negotiate a backdated contract to the conversion date of 1st April 2016.  This will result in credit notes for money already paid and save the Academy a minimum of £ 3,200.79 over the next 12 months as well as put them on a competitive energy contract.

A big thank you to nPower and Total Gas & Power for working with Bright Spark and Martlesham to get this resolved.