Reducing Burrsvilles electricity bill by 80%

As part of a pilot programme for REAch2 Academy Trust, Bright Spark developed Burrsville as one of three pilot sites to be upgraded for Solar PV and LED at the same time.

Bright Spark managed the installation via the REAch2 procurement framework for Solar PV for the installation by Evogreen of 25KWp (96 panels) on the roof at Burrsville.

Some Facts and Figures on the Project:

  • Installation of 96 Trina Solar TSM-PD05 265W Solar Panels and 2 Fronius Inverters
  • Estimated to generate 24,00 kWhs per annum - approximately 80% of the Academies electricity requirements onsite
  • Installed by Evogreen - REAch2 Strategic Solar PV Partner
  • Funded by Less is More Capital Social Enterprise
  • Significant reduction in CO2
  • Benefit from the FITs subsidisies for the next 20 years

Estimated Solar PV Generation at Burrsville (kWhs)