Solar PV generating 33% of the buildings electricity needs

Its been a busy few weeks and we have just finished another batch of installations at Academies in the Midlands.

At Springhill Academy we have just finished managing the installation of a 50KWp Solar PV installation (phase 1 of a Solar / LED joint upgrade). This will significantly reduce the Academys need for grid bought electricity and make the Academy more sustainable.

Some facts and figures on the project:

  • Installation of 113 Bisol Solar Panels and 2 Solis Inverters
  • Estimate to generate 47,400kWhs per Annum - approx 33% of the Academy electricity requirements (pre LED and efficiency upgrades)
  • Installed By EcoSphere - REAch2 & Bright Spark strategic Partner
  • Funded by social enterprise operating rental
  • Estimated net saving in year 1 of £ 1,542
  • Estimated net saving over 20 years of £ 130,000
Inverters being installed

Inverters being installed

Panels being laid out onto mounting kit

Panels being laid out onto mounting kit

This is one of the first of many projects being rolled out across the REAch Academy Trusts as part of the Estates Teams long term and strategic sustainability programme, a leading programme in the country for MATs. We are on target to reduce the usage of fossil fules by up to 50% by 2025.

Estimated Solar PV Generation per Month (KWHS)