Powering Unity Primary Academy using the Sun

Our in-house Solar PV team have just completed the implementation of a 30KWp Solar PV system at Unity Primary Academy (part of REAch2 Academy Trust) in Colchester, Essex.

The system at Unity Primary Academy has been designed specifically to work with a future LED upgrade project and reduce electricity bought from the grid to 10% of what it is now.

2017-10-27 16.54.10 REA-UNI-SOL.jpg

The project was completed in three days onsite starting during the half term period.  

Some facts and figures on the project:

  • Installation of 117 255W Solar Panels and a 30KWp Solis Inverters
  • Estimated to generate 28,900 kWhs per annum - approximately 39% of the Academies electricity requirements onsite
  • Funded by Less is More Capital Social Enterprise Fund
  • Significant reduction in CO2
  • Benefit from the FITs subsidisies for the next 20 years

Estimated kWh generation by Solar PV at Unity Primary Academy