Working with Riverside Academy to create a more efficient Academy

We have just completed the installation of a 30KWp Solar PV installation at Riverside Academy in Rugby, Warwickshire, part of the REAch2 Academy Trust Energy Programme.  The project is part of a series of upgrades at the Academy including and LED and heating upgrade to generate long term savings.

We installed the Solar PV on two roofs facing south with the majority of the works being completed over a weekend to minimise any disruption to the Academy.   

The project was funded by Energising CLG (4) Limited, an investment vehicle setup by Less is More Capital Ltd using an operating rental and generating a net surplus in year 1 that will be invested into furthering the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children at REAch2 Academy Trust.  

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Some facts and figures on the project:

  • Installation of 110 Hanwa Q-Cells 275W Solar Panels and 1 Solis 30KWp Inverter
  • Generating an estimated net surplus of £ 1,097 in Year 1 and £ 84,000 over 20 years
  • Estimated to generate 27,750 kWhs per annum - approximately 60% of the Buildings electricity requirements pre LED upgrade
  • Funded by Less is More Capital Social Enterprise Fund
  • Significant reduction in CO2
  • Benefit from the FITs subsidisies for the next 20 years
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