Installing Solar PV at High Street Primary Academy in Plymouth

Completed - August 2017

Our in-house Solar PV team installed a 30KWp Solar PV system at High Street Primary Academy (part of REAch South Academy Trust) in Plymouth, Devon, as part of an Multi Academy Trust wide energy initiative.

The system at High Street Primary Academy has been designed specifically to work with a future LED upgrade project and reduce electricity bought from the grid to 19% of what it is now.


The project was completed in three days onsite starting during term time with no disruption to teaching and learning.  

Some facts and figures on the project:

  • Installation of 110 265W Solar Panels and 2 x Solis Inverters

  • Estimated to generate 31,000 kWhs per annum - approximately 39% of the Academies electricity requirements onsite

  • Funded by Less is More Capital Social Enterprise Fund

  • Significant reduction in CO2

  • Benefit from the FITs subsidisies for the next 20 years

  • Generating an estimated net saving of £ 99,798.00 over the next 20 years to be invested into teaching and learning.

The graph on the right shows the expected monthly yield of the Solar PV system throughout the year.

The benefits of Solar PV really start from March onwards providing up to 100% of the Academies daily needs.

An LED programme is in place to reduce the electricity consumption during the winter.

Screenshot 2019-05-13 13.34.45.png