Our MD, Mark Stevenson, has been invited to talk about Solar PV at the popular “Green Drinks” talks run by Geoff Barnard and the Steyning 1010 Climate group on Wednesday 31st October 2018 at Steyning Cricket Club.  The session will also include a Q&A on energy issues.

The Steyning1010 Climate Action Group is a local voluntary organisation that campaigns for action to address climate change.  It runs the Greening Campaign in Steyning, Bramber and Beeding which aims to bring the whole community together and take action so that together our community can make a real difference.

The Climate Action Group’s popular "Green Drinks” talks are a great way to learn more about green issues, meet other like-minded people who care about the planet and collectively come together to make a difference.

Mark is very much looking forward to the evening.  “As a national company based in Arundel we always enjoy engaging with the local community.  Solar PV is something I have been passionate about for 10 years and we are looking forward to the end of the Feed-in tariff to shift the focus onto energy saving rather than maximising subsidies”.

 The topics of the evening being discussed will be:

  • The Gateway Hut – a Solar PV / Battery storage project that Bright Spark sponsored, with quick overview on the story of this, how it works, how do the economics look for small off-grid systems like this, and what are the practical challenges?  What kinds of applications are suitable for this kind of solution - people will be wondering if this is a good option for their garages and sheds.

  • The future for domestic solar in the UK, background to rising energy prices, the impact of the end of the Feed-in tariff and new technologies such as battery storage and electric car charging. What is viable now, and what does the future hold?  

solar installation.jpg


  • Solar PV in Schools – Using Solar PV to generate savings to be invested back into teaching and learning – what is our experience what’s your experience of working with schools, and how do the economics stack up going forward?  

PV Image at Oriel Academy.JPG


Doors open at 07.30pm with the talks starting at 8:00pm.  All welcome and there will be a voluntary donation at the door.

 For more information, check out the Steyning1010 website at:  www.1010steyning.org 

Green Drinks Oct 2018 - Small scale solar[6].png