Bright Spark Energy can help you to make your home, business or school more energy efficient.

Being more energy conscious will not only help you to save your hard-earned money, but will reduce your carbon footprint, helping to save the planet one ‘switch’ at a time. This is achievable by making a number of small changes to your daily life.

Ensuring that your home and buildings are more energy efficient does not necessarily mean making the investment to install solar panels or insulate your loft, although these projects can certainly lower your bills. There are some simple ways that you can save money and conserve energy.

Here are the top 10 easy ways you can save money and energy:

1.     Shower – don’t bathe! Baths tend to use a huge amount of hot water compared to a shower. Showering instead of bathing could save your family an estimated £160 a year.

2.     Keep your windows and doors shut during the winter. This may seem obvious, but if the heating is on, all the warm air will escape straight out of an open window or door, causing you to waste energy and money.  

3.     Switch the lights off when you leave a room - it could save you £84 per year. I told you it was easy!

4.     Install blackout curtains and make sure you close them at night. This acts as an additional barrier to prevent heat loss out of the home.

5.     Turn down the thermostat by a couple of degrees. In the UK, 19 degrees Celsius is the average room temperature. Of course, some people prefer their homes to be slightly warmer, but for every degree you turn your thermostat down, you are estimated to save £50.

6.     Reduce the temperature of your washing machine to 30 degrees Celsius. This will not only ensure that your clothes get clean but will also use up to 40 per cent less electricity over a year than if you did all of your washing at higher temperatures.

7.     Switch off gadgets, rather than leaving them on standby. By simply turning off gadgets like televisions and computers when you go to bed, you could save an estimated £80 a year.

8.     Keep a lid on it! By placing a fitted lid on any pots that you use to cook food, you will generate steam that helps cook the food faster, thus using less power and saving you more money.

9.     Reheat food in the microwave if you want to save £60 a year on your electricity bill. Reheating leftovers in the oven or on the stovetop is expensive because you are using additional gas (or electricity) for a meal that you already used energy to cook.

10.  Finally, try to flush the toilet less often! While you may find this a bit gross, the old adage ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow’ is estimated to save you 2p every time you flush. The average Brit flushes an average of five times per day; over the course of the year this can amount to nearly £40 per person. If this was reduced to three flushes a day, it would save you £15 per person per year.

Overall, these simple methods could save you an estimated £450 every year - and you didn’t even have to install solar panels or buy a new boiler! However, if you do find that you enjoy saving money (and energy of course), these projects could help you save a tremendous amount in the long run.

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