Providing the best products to our customers

We are very happy to announce that Bright Spark Energy are now an Approved Installer of the award winning company, MyEnergi.

MyEnergi provide a range of products that complement our Solar PV and Battery Storage installations for our Domestic, Small Business and Primary School customers.

Click here to go to the MyEnergi Website.

Click here to go to the MyEnergi Website.

The Bright Spark team are already incorporating the Eddi (Microgeneration Energy Diverter), the Harvi (Energy Harvesting Sensor) and the Hub into a number of customers designs with the first installations booked for next week.

We have been evaluating a wide range of different products to help customers increase the benefits of their Solar PV & Battery Storage systems. After evaluating over 20 products our technical team chose the MyEnergi Zappi & Eddi products as best of breed at the moment in the market. Our first products are being installed over the next few weeks.
— Mark Stevenson (Managing Director) Bright Spark Energy

The MyEnergi System Overview

Screenshot 2019-05-13 11.30.43.png