Reducing electrical usage and improving lighting quality

Lighting is the next thing we are going to tackle on the #projectfarmhouse - we are still waiting for the planning permission for the extension before a complete rewire of the electrics in the property but wanted to start to reduce the large electricity bills. The owner also wanted to add some simple lighting controls for the property using sensors and remote dimming.

The first step was to update all of the wall lighting from standard candle bulbs in wall fittings.

  • We swapped over 22 x 40w B15 candle bulbs in decorative wall fittings in the main living spaces for 6w LED candle bulbs. The cost of this was £ 89.45 and the LED replacements we used will last up to 20,000 hours (equivalent of 15 years). The LED bayonet fittings will save 760kwhs in energy a year - approx £ 114.00 a year so under 12 months payback.

  • All hall lighting are pendant fittings so we have used the Hive Home system - buying a number of LED replacement light bulbs for the hallways and Childrens rooms. These are controlled on the Hive Hub app on the customers phone. The Hive Hub allows for easy installation of sensor control on the hallway lighting and dimmable night lighting. Energy savings are difficult to calculate with the increased controls and dimming but we estimate that we are saving £45.67 per year. The 7 x Hive lights cost £ 129 including installation and have a 25,000 hour burn life so should be good for a minimum of 10 years. (Hive Home Dimmable Lighting).

  • The Lighting in the kitchen is due for complete replacement when the extension is installed. In the interim we replaced 8 x E27 60w screw in spot lights with LED equivalents using 5w with a better light output. This cost £ 50.00 including fitting and should save up to £80 over the next 12 months as the kitchen is used a lot.

  • External Lighting was upgraded for traditional LED lanterns with motion detection sensors. These were installed alongside the new Remotely monitored CCTV and Security system to ensure that the cameras can pick up clear images 24/7. We have had some great images of a number of Roe Deer eating plants in the flowerbeds!!!!

If you want to save money and improve the lighting in your home please contact our team and we can help you. We also have a commercial lighting team that specialises in Schools, Warehouses, Offices and Retail units.