As part of The White Horse Federations investment in Solar PV, Bright Spark Energy were appointed to install a 50KWp system at Southwold Primary & Nursery School in Bicester, Oxon.

The school has a large south facing roof which proved ideal for solar panels to be installed to get the best from the sunshine all year around.

This was the second project in the White Horse Federations Solar PV programme managed by their estates team. The school staff and students were great and were interested and involved in the installation process as well as very helpful.

50 KWp Solar PV system installed on Southwold School.

50 KWp Solar PV system installed on Southwold School.

The project was completed in five days starting during term time with the Bright Spark team working around the school ensuring that noise was kept to a minimum during periods of the day to not disturb the Pupils being a high priority.  

Some facts and figures on the project:

  • Installation of 180 275W Solar Panels and a 50KWp Solis Inverter with Grid Limiter

  • Conservatively estimated to generate 46,283 kWhs of green energy per annum - approximately 57% of the Academies electricity requirements onsite

  • Significant reduction in CO2 by up to 21.4 tons a year.

  • Generating an estimated net surplus of £ 173,225 over the next 20 years with a 6.17 year payback period.

  • Benefit from the FITs subsidisies for the next 20 years