Solar PV System not working

We were contacted by a local client who were having issues with their Solar PV system not working. The Solar PV system was installed at the beginning of the Feed-in-Tariff (FITS) approximately 7 years ago so was receiving the higher rate of FITs (nearly 50p per kWh). Our client therefore was keen to get the system back up and running as soon as possible to maximise his savings but unfortunately the original installation company was not trading.

Photo 13-09-2018, 12 43 10 (1).jpg

Inverter Replacement

Our Engineers diagnosed that the original Inverter had failed so we replaced the faulty unit with a new Solis 4g Inverter with a ten year warranty. This can now be remotely monitored via a web portal.

As Solar Technology has improved greatly over the last few years the installation of a new inverter can increase performance of Solar Panels of up to 25%.

Panel Optimisation

During the installation of the new Solis Inverter our team reported to the customer that there was some shading from a nearby tree during the early evening hours, which was having an impact on generation.

The client was keen to minimise the negative impacts of the shading so we suggested installing Solar PV Power Optimizers on the shaded panel’s as this enables the panels to operate independently, e.g. if one panel is affected by shading, dirt, debris, bird droppings etc, then it does not affect the performance of the other panels.


With the new Inverter, Panel optimisation and the long term warranty, out customer should have a trouble free next ten years of generating clean and renewable electricity.

Professional and Knowledgeable Service.
— Mr Henslow