supporting the development of a community resource

Bright Spark Energy have been appointed to design and implement an off grid Solar PV System for the Bermondsey Huts, a community residential centre and spiritual retreat at Worth Abbey in East Grinstead, Sussex.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 09.14.28.png

The Bermondsey Huts have been used as a community and spiritual retreat for over 30 years and as part of our commitment to reinvesting profits back into customer projects we are donating our time to complete the project.  The Huts are currently open for only six months of the year but we are supporting the installation of the equipment to extend this to 50 weeks a year.

Bright Spark will be delivering the following elements: 

  • New State of the Art Alarm System with automated response
  • Installation of a 2KWp off grid solar PV system linked to a battery storage system
  • Integration of existing solar PV and battery storage
  • Installation of a wind turbine linked to the Battery controllers
  • Remove existing 12v lighting system and replace with new 230v system and new energy efficient LED lighting
  • Integrate new wifi link, security system and external LED lighting into the design

The project has caused some excitement amongst the team and a bun fight as to who works on the project.   The biggest challenge has been to design a system that can make sure that the Bermondsey Huts can be used all year round.

We try to do a few projects a year that can give something back to the community. This project was different to what we normally so and the team thought would be great to invest our time into for free. After a long summer of work our installation teams have been excited to work on something different from the normal day to day stuff. We even have Mark the MD on the tools working as a labourer on this project - the guys are going to love that.
— Grant - Director

Work commences onsite on the 5th September 2016 and we will post a case study post completion.