Installing Solar Photo voltaic panels is a great way to reduce your electricity costs and generate a long term income from the governments Feed-in Tariff.   Our team has installed systems on most types of buildings with a wide range of roof types.

We offer a range of different PV systems for domestic, commercial and public sector customers:


Off Grid Solar with battery storage

We have been recently working with a number of customers to develop small scale off grid Solar PV for buildings that have no mains connection. These systems include Solar panels, batteries and 12v LED lighting systems. The batteries are providing the storage capacity to run a standard 230v fridge, TV and phone/laptop charger all year around. The next project includes linking a wind turbine to maximise useful energy storage all year round.


Installing Solar at home

Installing Solar PV on your home is still a good way to reduce your bills. You will save on the rising cost of electricity for every kWh generated and also recieve a Feed-in tariff subsidy and export income.

We specialise in packaging up Solar PV with Battery Storage and Car Charging points to maximise your energy saving.


Commercial Solar PV Installations

Our teams have a combined experience in implementing over 1000 Solar PV installations for customers in a wide range of sectors including Education, Healthcare, Charity, Commercial, Housing Association, Retail.

Installing Solar is still a good investment and can save on longer term electricity costs. Offices are inhabited during the day so it makes perfect sense to install solar pv and use the energy generated with the sun is shining. Systems can range from 10KWp to 1000KWp but most tend to focus on smaller systems.


Ground Mount Systems

We have been involved in a number of ground mount projects designed to provide the grid with significant energy from one location. Smaller scale projects work well when dealing with listed properties with large grounds.

Larger scale ground mount projects tend to be "investor led" and our team works with Funders and Investors to design systems that maximise their return on investment whilst reducing design and implementation risk. Profits from these projects are used subsidise our work for Schools and the third sector.