New Solar PV Systems for Homes - save money and take back control of your energy needs

Black Solar Panels on an “In-roof Kit” to match the slate.

Black Solar Panels on an “In-roof Kit” to match the slate.

We have a dedicated in-house team that installs Solar PV on domestic properties across Southern England. Our goal is to work with you to find the right technology package to help reduce your electricity bills and become more efficient. You can benefit from:

  • Saving money on rising electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • The new Smart Export Guarantee to generate income from exporting any spare energy back to the grid.

  • Integrating Solar with Battery Storage, an EV Car Charger or Air Source Heat Pump to make full use of the free energy generated by your Solar panels.

How do you save money:

By installing a standard 4KWp Solar Panel installation generating an estimated 4,000kWhs you can save up to £800 per annum on electricity costs. For every kWh you generate you are saving up to 18p on electricity bought from the grid. Including Battery Storage or Solar Immersion Heaters means you can use up to 100% of the electricity generated during the night or by heating your hot water ready for the family to come home in the evening.